The Iris flowers dataset is one of the best-known datasets found in the classification literature. The goal is to classify Iris flowers among three species (Setosa, Versicolor or Virginica) from measurements of length and width of sepals and petals.
The dataset is also known as Fisher’s Iris Data contains a set of 150 records under five attributes — petal length, petal width, sepal length, sepal width, and species.

Data set

First, we have to prepare the data set, which provides necessary information in a machine-readable way. Let’s First import and examine the data set.

import pandas as pd import numpy as np…

What is a MAC address and why we need it


In 1983, computer networking was totally different than it is today. One of the notable differences in land topology was that switchable hub hadn’t been invented yet. This meant that frequently, many or all devices on a network shared a single collision domain.

Collision Domain

A Collision Domain is a scenario in which when a device sends out a message to the network, all other devices which are included in its collision domain have to pay attention to it, no matter if it was destined for them or not. A collision domain is a network segment where only one device can speak…

Imdadul Haque Milon

Data Scientist

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